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African American Hair Care - The Natural Way!

African American Hair Care With African American hair care, unforturantely African Americans will try to conform to styles that are not natural for their types of hair. That is when they get in trouble, they do not know how to care for their African American hair.

Most of the African American hair care products available in the market are all Mineral Oil based and do absolutely nothing for protection, moisturizing or restoring striped out essential Oils that are required for the most basic start to a healthy head of hair.

If you are using a Mineral Oil base hair product, then know one thing! You are lubricating not moisturizing your hair.
The most important thing to do to care for your african american hair when getting your hair relaxed is to apply a high quality natural hair oil that will remoisturize your hair to protect it. The first thing that Relaxers and Hair Dyes do are strip your hair of the natural moisture that protects and keeps your hair cells bound together. In order to relax your hair the chemicals have to breakdown the bonds that hold your hair together in order to change the shape from tight curls to a straighter configuration. If your hair dresser is not very skilled they will re relax your African American hair that has already been treated in order to relax the new growth that has grown out.

When that happens the weakest point in your african american hair is the border line where it has been relaxed twice. This means that split ends and breakage occurs in the middle of the strand of hair and of course moves up and down to eventually weak in the whole strand and could pull out in chunks from the root.

The best solution of course is to stay away from chemical relaxers and use high quality oils, natural african american black hair care products, and flat iron, but remember to keep your African American hair super moisturized so as to protect from heat damage as much as possible. Overall Staying true and Natural to your african american hair is the best alternative.

Of course everyone is not going to give up relaxing their hair. So it is important to super moisturize your african american hair and root with the best possible, natural african american hair product. That is where we comes in. Nubian Silk is without a doubt the best way to protect and promote healthy hair growth. This is especially true if you are going to damage it with harsh chemicals.

Every Oil chosen in our Stimul-X Growth Oil is chosen for a particular benefit and quality to the hair, root, scalp and even skin.

Nubiansilk offers Natural African American Hair Product range for shiny, healthy Black Hair. The main thing is to remember to use Nubian Silk African American hair product frequently but in very small amounts, only you will know exactly how much your hair needs. This all depends on damage, dryness, length and absorbtion rate of your hair.

If you would like further information on African American hair care, feel free to contact us anytime. Good luck!

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