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Black hair care product: Stimul-X HairStimul-X Hair
Growth System

Aloha Nubian Silk,

I would like to thank you for creating such a wonderful, silky, clean and, fresh product. The aroma is so refreashing, feels clean, and it helps my scalp and the price is affordable. I use the shampoo without the conditioner and my hair feels just as silky and lovely. The product works!! That is the best roduct that I came across for my hair and scalp. My family and I will conitue to use all your products in my household. (No need for the local stores) I thank GOD for Nubian Silk.


Pastor Linda L. Wilson
Goodyear, Arizona
Smile GOD loves you!!

I am a first time user of Nubian Silk Products. I just love the scent that your product gives my hair as well as the silkness and softness of my hair. I have since stcoked up on your products so I will not run out. I have also told others about your products after receiving alot of wonderful comments about my hair.

I am from Detroit, Michigan
Janice R.

Thank you Nubian Silk!

Simply the Best products I have ever used, please let the world know! ...that Nubian Silk is for real !!

Thank again and God Bless.
Sandra D.
Los Angeles, California

Hello Nubian Silk and future customers,

I have been using the entire family products of Nubian Silk for over two months now. I have instantly seen a change in texter and growth in my trouble zones. My hair is so much softer and shinier. I use the oil for a moisturizer on my skin also. I really love Nubian Silk. I now have my mom and sister hooked on the products. Thank You Nubian Silk!

Much Love,
Nesha J.
Omaha, NE

Dear Nubian Silk,
I am very impressed with all the your products, however your stim-X Growth Oil and sheen are absolutely the Best I have ever tried...why did it take so long to find you! I have been using the Oil and sheen for over a year, never has my hair been healthier. Dont ever leave me!

God Bless...T. Evans Chicago, IL.

Dear Nubian Silk,
Wow! is what I have to say, Thank you ! Thank You !Thank You! You have a family of customers for life.

T. Fersuson Atlanta Georgia.

Dear Nubian Silk,
I have never taken the time to recommend any product that I have ever used, but I would be proud to recommend the highest quality Hair Oil on the market today! I am 54 years old and have tried everything out there...after spending thousands of dollars on the junk on the market, I am staying with your products. please let me know when you come out with any new items in your line.

God Bless You and Keep You.
Marion Brown Brooklyn, New York

Dear Nubian Silk,

I have been using your Hair Oil, Stimul-X Growth Oil for over a year now and my hair looks fantastic and I get complimented all the time, I actually still relax my hair, however it still grows very strong and feels and looks great. Thank you for the products and the greatest advise.

Love Nubian Silk Always

Jennifer S. Snellville, Georgia

Dear Nubian Silk,

Thank you very much for the fantastic Oil....I can not keep it hidden from my daughters, they use theres up quicker than me and I am always running out. The X-teme Sheen spray is really the finest I have ever seen. I take it to my stylist and they love it, I am sure they will start buying it from you. My hair has never been better.

Dont you dare go out of business!!!!

Keep bring the finest products! God Bless You.

T. Bradley Salt City, Utah

Dear Nubian Silk,

I have been using your products for over a year now and my hair has grown long and thick. Most of it is to my chest now. I wear braids 4 months out of the year. Only in the summer. My hair is medium texture and I would like your advice as to how I should care for it as relaxed hair.

-Tamoniva B.

Dear Nubian Silk,
After little more than a month of using the Nubian Silk Stimul-X Hair
Growth System I felt compelled to write you. I loved the Shampoo right
away! With only a quarter size amount of shampoo it gave me a rich, thick and generous lather. I was able to easily rinse it out of my locks and it left my hair feeling clean, soft and silky! After using the Stimul-X Growth Oil the first thing I noticed was the immediate relief from itching and flaking. My scalp never felt better and I saw a definite growth spurt! I even used it on my hands and feet. I would definitely recommend the Nubian Silk Stimul-X Hair Growth System to all my family and friends, AND I HAVE! Thank you for developing such a high quality product at such a great price!

-Mrs. C. Joyner (Mesa)

Nubian Silk,
I have tried many products for my hair, relaxers, oils, & various conditioners. After trying your Stimulating hair growth oil I have seen an immediate reduction
in my flakey scalp, better manageability & overall healthier hair. I actually see & feel my hair going thru a growth spurt. I was also really happy to see that it was an all natural product my whole family is starting to use it.

-Samantha ( Scottsdale, Arizona)

To Nubian Silk,
First I would like to thank you for saving me, my hair was a mess and so hard to manage, I have tried every thing on the shelf and your product was recommended
to me by a good friend, I have experienced fantastic results and will continue the use of your Nubian Silk Product line. ( Would love to see more products developed).
Thanks again.

-Lori (Arizona)

Thank You!
Quality and great price, I could not have asked for more. I love the Nubian Hair Oil, I feel my hair has been improved in its shine, manageability and I could swear it stimulated my hair growth, my hair seems so much stronger and healthier. I am looking forward to trying the shampoo and conditioner.

San Diego, California

Dear Nubian Silk,
I Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for producing such a quality product, my whole family tried Nubian Silk Oil, Shampoo and Conditioner, we all really love it, The Sheen we literally fight over! You have yourself some lifetime customers.

-Sandy Rodman and Family

Dear Nubian Silk  
I have tried every product out there and have never received the results I have seen with the Stimul- Growth Oil, my husband noticed the difference the first day, my natural curls never looked so good and healthy! I can not believe my local Beauty supply didn't carry it..I guarantee that they will be calling you now!God Bless you. 

-Mary Hargrave

God Bless Nubian Silk    
I have been using Nubian Silk and my hair has never looked so good and felt so right !!! I love this Oil and Sheen, I use both of them every single day. I have seen my hair grow more than 5 inches within two months, not to mention my hair texture has never been better. I found my product, and would highly recommend it to anyone!

-Tameka Wilson
Oakland, California

Mr.AK                                                                                              Thank you first for the wonderful advice and information when I called in your company should know what a gem they have their. This is truly the most amazing product I have every used, I am in my 40's and have used everything out there and nothing compares to the quality of Nubian Silk, I use the oil as a moisturizer not only for my hair but on my hands, elbows, nails and feet...after using the Stimul-X Growth Oil for about 2 weeks the texture of my hair was healthier / Thicker and my natural curls loosened up and never looked so nice..not to mention the increased length. I would recommend it to anyone and have done so even to my local Beauty Salon.

- Shirley C.

Bless You Nubian Silk,    
I have tried every product on the market and have always been disappointed so when I tried the oil from a friend I had to write and tell you how wonderful Your Products are, I am starting to wear my hair naturally after toasting it with chemical relaxers for 8 years I learned my lesson. I am recommending Nubian Silk to everyone I know My hair has never felt so healthy and never felt so soft I noticed my hair started growing quicker and most important less hair was falling out. I was amazed how soft and smooth it made my hands and arms, usually I have to add lotion 3 times a day with Nubian Silk I put some on once a day or every other day and my hands stay soft and rich looking. please use my testimonial so others will see how great of a product you have. God Bless for putting out a quality product rather the mineral oil filled junk that's on the market today. My order is so big because I am giving them as Christmas Gifts, I really cant think of a better Gift than a healthy head of hair. May God Break the hands of Satin that tries to hold down this product. I pray that this company will grow and prosper and reach everyone around the world.   

-Reverend R. Brown
Los Angeles, Calif.

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