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Moisturize your hair! Don't lubricate it!
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"Greatest Natural Oil Treatment Ever!"


Stimul-X Growth Oil -Our EXOTIC Formula of All Natural Botanical Oils, Herbal Extracts, Vitamins & Minerals this will Boost Hair Growth & Repair & Condition Stressed, Weak Hair an Active Pro-Root Stimulator Greatest Moisturizer & Nutrient base for Hair, Scalp, Skin & Nails. Don't Lubricate your hair with Mineral Oil base products. Repair-Restore-and let it Grow!

Stimul-X Growth Oil
4.25 OZ
. ONLY !!.................$9.95

For Best Results always apply to palm of hand and work into hair sections at a time, always apply Oil to lightly damp to dry hair( Oil & Water do not mix well ). Do not use any other grease or Oil product at the same time.. Always shake well before using to mix herbs/vitamins and Botanical oils evenly, can be used on hands, feet, nails and skin no better moisturizing power for skin & Hair !!!!


Black hair care product: Stimul-X Growth Oil

Therap-X Shampoo
For Hair So Healthy that it Will Feel Like Silk. Containing an Exclusive Pro Vitamin & Herbal Complex with Panthenol which will Restore the Luster to Dull, Tired Hair. A Volume Booster that will Penetrate Hair Follicles & Work from the Inside Out. No Heavy Oils which are usually found in African Products.. Cleansing / Clean Rinse and healthy scalp, that is what our goal is Clean without the Oily residue buildup. Pro Root Formula Vitamin Boost Shampoo! Feel what Clean and Volume should feel like and look like !

Therap-X  Formula Shampoo-12 oz.
-- .$7.95

Always Shampoo & Rinse immediately, never leave any shampoo in your hair very long, always rinse with warm water, repeat shampoo process twice to lift any buildup from hair & Scalp.. No cleaner shampoo on the market today. This will Volumize and Clean & remove dead skin & Bacteria from Scalp to refresh and revitalize clean new growth. helps remove plugged up oils and scalp pores for a healthier scalp ... no oily products that will leave residue.

Black hair care product: Therap-X Shampoo

X-Treme Thera-Silk Conditioner
Conditioning formula provides natural Antioxidants, Vital Nutrients and an Exotic Herbal Blend to Strengthen, Moisturize and protect your hair while increasing Body and manageability, the Softest Conditioner you will find, Silky Softness without the Oils. Alone can be used as leave-in Conditioner..or rinse out.

 X-Treme Thera-Silk Conditioner
12 oz
.ONLY --

Always rinse out water based conditioners if you are planning on applying oils.  The Cleaner the better when applying Stimul-X Growth Oil...so max penetration into hair & follicles can occur.



Black hair care product: X-treme Thera-Silk Conditioner

X-Treme Silk Sheen
Finally a Silk Sheen which Softens, moisturizes, Conditions, Eliminates Frizz with a Shine that lasts all day.! Our Exclusive Exotic Silicone & Herbally Enriched Formula with a Pure Silicone base is Great for Natural and Synthetic Hair. Highly concentrated yet light enough to not way down or build up on your hair. Goes on dry unlike Sheens that contain Mineral Oils or even natural Oils. Will not spot your clothes, used by many salons as a great finger nail & cuticle sealer
. No Better Sheen available on the market ! ............."Simply if you try it you will be hooked"

A Pure Vitamin Herbal Silicone Formula: ( No Mineral Oils - No H20 No Natural Oils - No Isoparaffins - No Isobutanes - No Alcohol ).

X-Treme Silk Sheen - 8oz  spray
ONLY -- $8.95

Always apply after Stimul-X Growth Oil for best results, so to help seal moisture in and protect and give the best shine possible. Goes on dry & remember no staining.


Black hair care product: X-Treme Silk Sheen

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Credit cards that we accept for black hair care products

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