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The Natural Way

Natural hair care products, the natural way The Natural Way

100% Natural is always the best way to go. Nubian Silk's promise is to always provide the highest quality ingredients in our
black hair care products. We use No Mineral Oils and no Petroleum products. We only use the highest grade All Natural Botanical Oils which can be utilized by your hair & Skin. The most sensitive part of your skin is your scalp, so if the black hair care product  you use is safe and beneficial to your scalp then it usually is beneficial for any other body part. Nubian Silk users have been using the Stimul-X Growth Oil for the best moisturizing properties possible on there face, hands feet and elbows. Your skin will actually stay soft and moisturized much longer than using a water or mineral oil based product that has to be applied repeatedly throughout the day. Try it you will be amazed!

Stimul-X Growth Oil Base ( Why is it so good ? )

The most important ingredient is the one you start with ( Base ) We start off with a Soybean
& Olive Oil Base along with 9 other botanical oils, from shea butter, coconut oil, tea tree oil, sesame oil, almond oil and a few more plus vitamins and Herbs from around the world. Most products use a mineral Oil base because it is the cheapest ingredient available, it never goes bad or rancid and it is inert (does not react )
meaning it causes no harm & adds no benefit unless you need a lubricant for your clippers or fantastic laxative for your constipation).

Mineral Oil will make your hair and your skin look shiny and seem moisturized, however nothing is further from the truth. Mineral Oil can not be absorbed by your hair or skin it only lays there as if you laid a thin sheet of plastic handy wrap over your hair or skin. Laxative you say? yes Mineral oil cant even be absorbed by your stomach and digestive system that is why it will get your constipation moving really quick, so if your stomach and intestines can not absorb Mineral Oil how is your hair or skin supposed to absorb it, simply your hair will never receive any moisturizing power from Mineral Oil. FACT 99% of all hair Oils are made up of Mineral Oil as there main ingredient which does absolutely nothing for hair growth or moisturizing hair & scalp!

Only Natural Oils can provide the proper moisture & protection for your hair & skin. In order to maintain strong healthy hair that wont break from all the chemicals and daily styling, pressing & processing.

Ingredients List: (What's really in the product you use???????

Before purchasing a product Always look at the ingredients list it is much more important than pretty packaging or the name of the product, unfortunately most people choose a product for package appeal, Name recognition and the smell of the product and all the major companies no this so that is what they concentrate on.

If you have dry hair the most important thing you can do too save it from breaking or falling out from the use of relaxers, burning from heat irons, chemicals, and from mechanical stress from braiding and styling well the best thing you can do is make sure and properly moisturize your hair to strengthen and restore the elasticity back to your hair to protect it from chemicals, heat and stress. The other thing would be to provide the most nutrients to your scalp and root so as to hold in roots stronger and provide moisture for your scalp.

The ingredients list is the only place a company has to disclose everything truthfully and the most important ingredients are usually the first three listed, the FDA requires that all the Ingredients are listed in order of highest % to lowest %. meaning what is listed first is the majority of the contents in your bottle.  So if the 1st Thing listed is Mineral Oil then throw it away....it will serve you better in the trash.

If you do a little research you will find out why thousands of people around the world swear by the quality of every product that Nubian Silk Produces. Quality ! Quality ! Quality! and NO Comprimising on Quality! That is our Promise to You !

For more information about black hair care product, the natural way, please call or email us we will be happy to speak with you.

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